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It is important to specify that by classifying the various elements of the blood we considered the increased or decreased values in relation to the reference values that differ in relation to sex.....

The blood count is a simple and inexpensive test for which a small amount of blood is sufficient. It represents a very precious source of information for treating physicians because it provides them with important information to formulate a diagnosis or direct towards a diagnostic hypothesis. This is the reason why the blood count is currently one of the most requested tests. With oxy steroids for sale the choices are there. You can make use of the anadrol 50mg also.

Within the report of a blood count we will be faced with the reading of the values ​​of 13 parameters. To read a blood count correctly, it is essential to first know that the 13 parameters actually refer to the 3 main subclasses of cells that make up our blood: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. There comes oxy steroids for sale.

Red blood cells

They are measured in millions per cubic millimeter of blood and their main action is to carry oxygen to the tissues. The importance of the values ​​of red blood cells in the blood is mainly linked to a possible lowering of the same, the cause of which is very often the condition commonly known as "anemia". The oxy anadrol 50mg can be a good preventation.

Increase in red blood cells

The increase in red blood cells is generally due to a low intake of liquids, therefore to dehydration, to a genetic hemopathy or as a result of cardiological or pulmonary diseases with respiratory failure. Choose the oxy steroids for sale uk there.

However, the increase in red blood cells in the blood can also be determined by non-pathological factors such as high altitude, smoking, taking drugs containing testosterone and intense physical activity over time. As you buy oxy steroids online you can actually come up with the right deals there.

White blood cells

They are measured as the number of cells per cubic millimeter of blood and are important cells in both immune and infection activity.

They are part of the human body's fighting system against infections and travel through the blood reaching the areas where an infection is present, killing the bacteria responsible for it. As you can Buy oxy steroids online with Bitcoin you can expect smart solutions there.


They are measured in thousands per cubic millimeter of blood, they are the smallest figurative elements of the blood and have the fundamental task of stopping bleeding by forming a hemostatic plug through a very complex and fascinating biological process called “hemostasis”. You can choose the oxy steroids uk there.

The lowering of platelet values causes problems related to the platelet plug formation process and therefore patients may present a risk of bleeding. The increase in the value of platelets can expose individuals to the risk of thrombosis, that is, the spontaneous formation of platelet aggregates which, together with fibrin, white blood cells and red blood cells, can produce a thrombus inside a vessel.